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Introduction Level – Electric Cigarbox Guitar

Sample Instrument 01A cigarbox guitar is the ideal way to get to know the basics of guitar neck and fret setup, and build a charming travel guitar in the process. The cigarbox guitar can be plugged into any amp like an electric guitar and is even loud enough to be played acoustic.

  • $800 for the course; materials included
  • Course duration: 1 month (4 weekends or 4×2 weeknights, 4h per day)
  • Group size: max. 4 students
  • Next course starts: February 2015
  • Inquire/reserve your spot on the wait list



Beginner Level – Acoustic Guitar, Triple-O or Dreadnought Model

The students will build their guitars with pre-fab components. This allows them to focus on the finer details of voicing their acoustic guitar while being confident to stay on schedule. Those who show exceptional skill and/or are ahead of the building schedule will be encouraged to customize the design, and to further personalize their guitar.
The top and back are already joined and the rosette channels are cut, and the neck is pre-carved.
The main objective of this course is to have students finish the instrument within 3 months and acquiring an understanding for the basic skills of a luthier.

  • $800 for the course
  • $600 – 750 for materials, tuners & case
  • Course duration: 3 months (2.5h per session; 1 session per week)
  • Group size: max. 3 students
  • Next course starts: February 2015
  • Workbench & tool use available
  • Inquire/reserve your spot on the wait list

Advanced Level
– Any Custom Build Desired

Sample Instrument 02Students can build any instrument and model they desire. This level requires experience with hand tools and the ability to work with very high precision. The students will touch instrument design and drafting, mould and jig making, and building the entire instrument from scratch. Completing an instrument in this fashion can take between 6 and 12 months, depending on the scope and skills.
In order to enroll for the advanced level, students need to have completed the beginner level or demonstrate their skills in a 1-day assessment.

  • $ 400 per month; intensive membership – 1 class per week
  • Course duration: ~ 6 to 12 months (depends on scope, skill level and student’s ability to complete independent work/homework)
  • Group size: max. 3 students
  • Next course starts: TBA/January 2015
  • Medium membership available upon request
  • Workbench & tool use available
  • Inquire/reserve your spot on the wait list


Various short workshops that focus on rosette making, french polish and voicing will be available soon. Contact me for more information.

Do you still have questions? Visit the FAQ! Or just give me a call at (204) 869 0607.

All prices, start dates and course scope are subject to change. Taxes are not included.

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