Student projects 003Florian’s  engagements with traditions of lutherie practice, teaching, and scholarly research qualify him as a unique and immensely capable member of Canada’s craft-trade community. He is a remarkably capable and engaging young instructor. He has a special knack for integrating technical information with practical requirements in the course of performing practical tasks. Whether on the bench,  or at the training workshop, he is as generous with explanation and demonstration as he is rigorous and exacting about achieving a specified result.  He is humane and attentive in addressing questions at all levels of technical complexity, ranging from his own graduate-level research interest in the applied physics of plucked-instrument building to resolving  a student’s apprehension about a badly roughed-out brace wood blank. Florian has a deep sense of the rich traditions and even the romance of  European lutherie, tempered by his demonstrated  engagement with the scientific practices to extend and refresh lutherie knowledge.  He is well organized, considerate of others,  and in my opinion would make an excellent colleague and teacher in any capacity requiring good judgement, high standards of technical expertise, and  personal integrity.  In short, this is an unusually  well-qualified young man with many things to offer,  both as a trade practitioner and as a trades teacher.


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